Another Social Network Plugin for Wordpress

Ok, let's go back to my favorite subject - creating your own social network using Wordpress. I wrote about Buddy Press - Wordpress social network software already. Today I've found another plugin for the same purpose. It is called Mingle. Mingle has almost all features that are necessary for creating nice social network and may be implemented in almost every Wordpress theme. This is a big plus, because Buddy Press can be used only with it's own theme.

Changing a theme for WP blog

Hi, today, I've changed a theme of my blog. It is now more bright and clean.
The original idea was just to have a couple of pages where visitor can read about services I provide (free blog setup is the main service, but other than that I offer hosting discounts and technical support for any issues related to web design), but a few months ago I decided to write some posts from time to time, so the old design didn't suit my needs.


Buddy Press Lead Developer

A few days ago I wrote about Buddy Press - plugin that transforms WP blog into social network in just 10 minutes or so (depending on your experience). Today I want to introduce you a lead developer of this plugin Andy Peatling. By clicking on his name, you will open his Twitter account and will be able to follow his day-by-day life and ask him questions (if you have Twitter account as well).

Wordpress Social Network Software

Ok, how much would a social network cost? $1000? $100,000? $1,000,000?
Actually it will cost you nothing if you use BuddyPress.org – WordPress Social Network Software. This Software allows you to create the perfect Social Network with a click of the mouse. It comes in a ready-to-go pack and all you have to do is to install it using normal procedures. This social Network has a lot of options, such as groups creation, forums creation, blog creation etc.

How to move your Wordpress blog to another hosting

Sometimes you have to move your Wordpress blog to another hosting. It is very hard to for people who don't know how.  And it will cost you about 50-70$ if you will get a qualified support. But with these two step-by-step video tutorials you will be able to do that by yourself with no problems at all. I hope it will help you!

Very useful plugin for bloggers

Today I've come across very useful wordpress plugin for bloggers. It is called ScribeFire ( You can either find them in add ons for Mozilla or visit their main site: scribefire.com).
What is that plugin for?
In order to create a new post, you have to enter you blog address, then go to admin panel, then click on the menu and post from there. This is a time consuming thing, especially if you have a few blogs.
ScribeFire plugin allows you to save a time, because you don't have to use admin panel for your blog, if you use it. With just one click of the mouse you can open a half-screen window and post from there. Please see video tutorial below for more details.